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We’re a happy bunch. We do great work and deliver amazing results for our clients. But for one day each year, we turn our attention towards the organizations who need our help the most. We shut our doors and for twenty-four hours we focus on nothing but pro-bono projects that serve local non-profits.

By focusing our pro bono efforts, we’re able to make a real impact on our community. We can amplify the tremendous work these organizations are doing by providing the high-quality logos, brochures, membership packets, one-pagers and websites that get results, but are seldom in the budget. When organizations have these eye-catching marketing materials, it’s easier to fundraise, recruit volunteers, and get program participation.


We are passionate about GIVING BACK!

Red Fx Digital Giving is all about using our software, our skills, and the power of social media to change the world we live in.
We offer discounts
for nonprofits
To make it easier for your nonprofit to harness the power of social media, we offer a nonprofit discount of up to 50% on our social media solutions. Apply today—and lets do something great together.With more than 16 million users and counting, we have the power to effect positive change.
We provide education for nonprofits
Take advantage of personalized education with one of our Social Media Coaches and optimize your social media strategy. Learn how to measure direct social media ROI with end-to-end tracking, delegate tasks, manage permissions, collaborate more efficiently with team members, and more.
We invest in the
The League of Innovators is a resident partner charity that Red Fx Digital supports. League of Innovators is dedicated to inspiring and facilitating the next generation of entrepreneurship. LOI gives young innovators the tools and education they need to bring ideas to life and build a better future.

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