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BLE Technology

Bluetooth 4.0 based ibeacon/ BLE technology can enable the businesses to collect more and accurate data about their potential customers. Allowing owners to interact customers in a smart way by notifying them through their smart phones when they are in nearby area. Red Fx has excelled in iBeacon enabled mobile app development for retailers, entrepreneurs and others to promote their brand efficiently.

  • Content audit with SEO friendly Keywords
  • Analytic Setup & Goal Setup
  • Automated & Manual report with Suggestions
  • Transparent Operations & Client Reporting
  • Seamless Communication

Wearable Technology

The constant innovations in hardware technology has enabled businesses to think about a phone less wearable interface. We deliver best-in-class services for Android and iOS compatible wearable mobile app development at affordable prices.

  • Smart Band/ Wearable Mobile App Development
  • Apple Watch App Development
  • Google Glass Application development
  • Augmented Reality App Development
  • Activity Tracker Wearable (fitbit) applications
  • Custom mobile app development

Raspberry Pi Solutions

Among the four basic components of IoT, one is the Hardware which supports all the sensors and connected software. The most common among the hardware platforms for IoT are Raspberry Pi solutions and Arduino. We have successfully completed number of POC development projects offering IoT solutions. Concept development with custom mobile app development on Android and iOS platforms has proven to be a huge step in our success story.

  • Raspberry Pi solutions through Python Programming
  • Arduino based Solutions

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