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B2B & B2C Lead Generation

Lead generation is a process of identifying and refining potential customers for a business’s products or services for the purpose of developing a sales pipeline. It is the first step in the sales process thus the quality and quantity of the leads play a major role in getting potential customers.

Led by an experienced team , we have a strong background in tech and digital marketing with deep understanding and love for SME businesses.

We make it easy and affordable to run a sustainable digital marketing operation.
We help you measure ROI from marketing investments and chalk out your growth strategy.

Steps for processing


  • Understand business goals and define digital marketing KPIs to achieve them.
  • Create & manage all the tech pieces (Social media & google ads, landing pages, lead management system, integrate/implement CRM).
  • Capture & monitor the entire customer lifecycle - New customer acquisition, customer retention & retargeting.
  • Run analytics to bring out the insights, measure KPIs across customer segments and chalk out growth areas.


Our strategic and proven lead generation services help in presenting you in front of your prospect customers, in a much diligent way and at right time. Our expert professionals focus on lead and quality of the lead to identify prospects through web, social, voice, email and mobile. We generate the lead through full Marketing strategy, Landing page optimization, Traffic generation, Split testing, AD Budget optimization and data analysis.

Retention Strategy
Building effective campaigns to improve customer acquisition and retention to convert qualified leads
Funnel Analytics
Marketing automation software gather data from user and customer activity across the entire funnel
Marketing Goals
Set monthly goals around prospects, leads and customer acquisition. We help to clients improve their lead conversion
Behavior-Based Email Marketing
Send appropriate communications based on activities & interests.Build traction with pilot campaigns

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